Playoff Bound MMK Football Falls to Oakville

The Mary M. Knight football team came up a yard short of knocking off Oakville Saturday in a back-and-forth, tight ballgame as the Owls fell to the Acorns 44 to 42.

MMK had a 20 to 16 lead at the half and extended that to 28 to 16 in the third when Eddy Krippelcz scored on a 10-yard run.

Oakville responded a minute and a half later closing the gap to 28 to 24. The Acrons stopped the Owls and took the lead 30 to 28 with four and a half minutes remaining in the third.

Mary M. Knight then started a long drive and got to the Oakville 20 before losing a fumble that lead to another Acorn TD and they extended their lead to 36 to 28 with seven and a half minutes to go.

On their next drive, Owls’ quarterback, Zach Thompson, left the game with an injury. MMK put the game in the hands of Austin Fries. On the next play, number 23, playing QB, ran 52 yards for the touchdown. Fries added the two-point conversion and the game was tied at 36 with 7:18 remaining.

On Oakville’s next possession, the Acrons made it to the Mary M. Knight 25 but the Owl defense came up big, holding them short of the line to gain on fourth down with 3:38 to go.

Two plays later, Fries scrambled 65 yards and MMK took the lead 42 to 36. Time remaining: 3:01.

Oakville ran through the Owl defense on their next possession, taking the clock down to 1:44 and taking back the lead 44 to 42 on a touchdown and two-point conversion.

Mary M. Knight had time for one more drive that started on their 12-yardline. Fries ran to the 42 (1:09 left), then to the 25 (28 seconds to go) and got down to about the Oakville eight with a second remaining. On the final play, Fries ran left, hit the pilon but was ruled out of bounds short of the goaline.

The Acorn win puts Oakville in second place in the Coastal 1B League and the Owls in third. Both teams are 5-and-4 on the season but the Acorns are 4-and-1 in league play while MMK is 3-and-2. This also means Oakville will host a playoff game next week while the Owls will be on the road.

It appears MMK will play Tacoma Baptist at 7 PM on Saturday, November 4th. The game will be played at Curtis High School in Tacoma.

*** MasonWebTV Powered by HCC will look into broadcasting the game live. However, there will be broadcast fees and we are looking for sponsors to offset those costs. If interested in helping or have a sponsorship idea, contact Dedrick Allan. Email: or Call or text: 360-229-2234.



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