City Discusses Water & Sewer Rates

The Shelton City Commission was presented with an update on the City’s water and sewer rates Monday. The City hired the Redmond-based financial constanat, the FCS Group, to complete a review the City’s rates to see if it is possible to lower those rates with out adversely harming the City financially. FCS Group’s Courtney Black gave two presentations Monday. The first was to the Commission during their 2 PM study session.

The second presentation was done at 5 PM during which questions were taken from the public.

Black’s presentation showed 10 percent increases in water rates each year through 2021 and 3 percent increases for 2022 and 2023. On the sewer side, Black recommends no change in rates due to the City being able to obtain grants to fund Sewer Basin 3. However, Black said the Commission should create a policy and start collecting funds to help offset future maintenance of both systems.

There is a proposal to reduce sewer rates 20 percent in 2018 but according to Black that would mean increases in rates each year beginning in 2019.

The City Commissioners will decide what to do regarding water and sewer rates at a future meeting.

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