REALTORS® Endorse Dorcy for Shelton City Commissioner

The Mason County Association of REALTORS®, one of the county’s largest business organizations, has endorsed Kevin Dorcy for Shelton City Commissioner in this year’s general election.

The endorsement decision follows comprehensive candidate interviews held in early October with the local organization’s candidate interview panel in Shelton. The interview questions posed to the candidates involved issues that impact the real estate industry and home, property and business ownership that help the community thrive.

“Realtors are hometown advocates for the place where we live and serve our clients,” said Lori Brady-Dolby, president of Mason County Association of REALTORS®. “We endorse candidates who support a strong economy and the jobs it brings, plenty of housing opportunities, great schools and good infrastructure. Improving the quality of life in our communities must be their primary concern.”

The Realtors’ endorsement includes the financial support of the state’s largest business political action committee, with thousands of contributors that include members locally and statewide. The REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is bi-partisan and endorses candidates who share the organization’s concerns for residential and commercial real estate, homebuyers, and home and business owners, what the organization refers to as “Realtor Party issues.”

The Mason County Association of REALTORS®* is organized for the benefit of the business interests of its membership, to promote and preserve private property rights, and to uphold the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. Realtors are the leading advocates for hundreds of area home buyers and sellers each year and current homeowners throughout the County.