Prowler Wakes Boat Owner at Shelton Marina

A prowler was reported at Oakland Bay Marina in Shelton early Tuesday morning. Port of Shelton Executive Director Wendy Smith described how the incident was discovered during the Port of Shelton Commission meeting Tuesday afternoon as it was caught by the Port’s surveillance cameras.

The culprit was seen checking boat house doors to see if they were unlocked and climbing onto one vessel where the boat’s owner was sleeping. This boat owner occasionally stays on-board and the prowler woke him claiming he was there to check to see if the owner was okay.


The culprit was also seen breaking into a car in the marina’s parking lot and left on a bicycle.

Nothing has been reported stolen and no damage to boats or boat houses has been discovered.

Port maintenance staff figured out how this individual gained access to the marina and has taken the necessary steps to prevent future break ins.

The Shelton Police Department is investigating. Anyone who has information about this crime or recognizes the individual should contact Shelton Police.