Mason County Recognizes 32 Employees for Years of Service

In a ceremony held October 3, 2017 at the Colonial House in downtown Shelton, 32 County employees were recognized for celebrating work anniversaries of 10 years and more of service to Mason County.

Employees Recognize:

Sheriff’s Office Public Works Public Health
10 Years of Service  10 Years of Service 15 Years of Service
Jeffrey Rhoades Eldon Ulrich Michelle Bellisle
Christopher Mondry Charles Greninger
Matt Gray Joe Nelson Facilities
Sean Colpitts Drew Carlson 20 Years of Service
15 Years of Service  Fredrick Perryman  William Ells
Alfred Hernandez 15 Years of Service
Rueben Castillo Anthony Dickinson Parks
Jason Sisson Kelle Medcalf 10 Years of Service
20 Years of Service  20 Years of Service   Anne Voice
Byron Baty Dale Fassio
25 Years of Service 30 Years of Service  Prosecutor
Jason Dracobly Donald Devany 10 Years of Service
James Barrett Tracie Core
Kenneth Potts Assessor’s Office Sandra Vasquez
25 Years of Service  Timothy Whitehead
Superior Court  Marcie Lohmeyer
25 Years of Service  Auditor
Cheryl Green Community Development  25 Years of Service
25 Years of Service Karen Herr
Tricia Woolett 15 Years of Service
Michael MacSems  Paige Hansen