City Manager Talks Proposition 1

In November, registered voters in the City of Shelton will decide whether to change the City’s governing body from a three-member commission to a seven-member council. This week, the City released information on Proposition 1 and MasonWebTV Powered by HCC spoke with Shelton City Manager Ryan Wheaton about the ballot measure:

Wheaton also provided MasonWebTV Powered by HCC an analysis of salaries of city council members in Washington. According to those numbers, compiled by the Association of Washington Cities, Shelton has the 73rd largest population in the state but Shelton City Commissioners have the fourth largest salary behind Seattle, Tacoma and Everett.

The City’s Proposition 1 will be on the November 7th General Election Ballot. Ballots will be mailed to voters beginning October 20th. Information on the proposition is available on the City’s website: Click here for a direct link to Proposition 1’s information page.

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  1. Unless I am missing something the salary “analysis” is apples to oranges – for Shelton Per diem and benefits are included but not for the other cities. Further, some cities with higher salaries, such as Spokane, are not on this list

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