City Approves 20% Building Fee Increase

The Shelton City Commission approved a 20 percent increase in building fees Tuesday night.

Last year, the Commission cut those fees (set in 2015) to spur growth and those reductions did increase activity in the City. However, the Commissioners had been discussing whether to increase those rates and create a renewal program which would provide incentive to develop or redevelop abandoned or vacant property. That renewal program would require fees to go back to the 2015 level.

The concept of raising fees to the 2015 level was not well received by many in the public.

A motion by Commissioner Tracy Moore to raise the fees back to the 2015 level failed after a bit of heated discussion.

After Moore’s motion failed, Mayor Gary Cronce suggested the Commission take a first step and increase rates by 20 percent. That motion passed 2 to 1 with Commissioner Moore voting against.

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