County 2018 Preliminary Budget Released without Sheriff’s Figures

The Mason County Auditor Karen Herr presented the County’s 2018 Preliminary Budget to the Mason County Commission Tuesday morning but the document was missing numbers from the Sheriff’s Office.

The Auditor explained that the Sheriff’s Office submitted their anticipated current expense revenues and special fund budget “in the requested format as required by law” but their current expense expenditures were not submitted properly. So, the Auditor’s Financial Services staff “could not accept, audit or present their current expense operational budget” for 2018.

Theresia Ehrich, Chief Administrative Deputy for the Sheriff’s Office, told the Commissioners they wanted to combine their 300 programs into two but their request was denied and they were not given access to the budget system to input their numbers.

The 2018 preliminary budget released Tuesday shows over $31 Million in revenue and, minus the Sheriff’s budget, $22 Million in expenditure requests. In 2016, the Sheriff’s actual budget was just under $15 Million but that number was reduced in the adopted 2017 budget and cut by nearly $900,000 last July.

Copies of Mason County’s 2018 Preliminary Budget are available on the County’s website:

The County Commissioners will be scheduling budget workshops in the next couple of months in order to balance the budget. A public hearing on the 2018 budget will be scheduled in early December with adoption expected before the end of the year.

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