City Commission Approves Proposed Location for YMCA

On Monday, August 21, 2017, the City Commission approved the proposed location for the future South Sound Shelton Y Branch, and authorized the City Manager, Ryan Wheaton to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with South Sound YMCA detailing the terms of a potential property lease.

It is anticipated that the South Sound YMCA will begin a Capital Feasibility Study and Pre-Design to determine the specific size and scope of Shelton’s first YMCA facility later this Fall. Any project undertaken by the South Sound YMCA is executed in accordance with the results and recommendations of a feasibility study. The City of Shelton contributed $5,000 towards the cost of the feasibility study for the Shelton Y Branch earlier this year. Contingent upon the determinations made by through the study, it is contemplated that construction would commence and complete in 5-7 years.

Once the Capital Study and Pre-Design phase is complete, and the South Sound YMCA Trustees approve a capital plan, it is anticipated that the City of Shelton will enter into a 25-30 year lease for the property located at the northeast corner of the Wallace-Kneeland/Shelton Springs Road Intersection at the rate of $1.00 per year.

The City of Shelton will continue to take an active leadership role in ensuring the success of the Shelton Y Branch project. The City has committed to a partnership with the South Sound YMCA for the purpose of providing significant economic benefits for city residents, including job creation, enhancing property values, and increasing quality of life and recreational and educational opportunities.

It is anticipated that the identification of the potential site location within city limits will contribute to the success of the ongoing fundraising efforts for the new facility.