Jason Dose Named City Employee of the Month

Jason Dose, Senior Planner at the City of Shelton was selected as Employee of the Month by the City’s Wellness Committee for the month of July 2017.

During Jason’s ten years with the City, he has proven to be the ultimate “can do” employee. A recent example of this was his management of the City’s code enforcement duties while simultaneously taking the lead role in the City’s comprehensive plan rewrite, handling all development and land use planning permits, and breaking in a department director that knows little about land use planning. Through the application of his unique negotiating tactics, creative reasoning, and good spirited tenacity, Jason was successful in facilitating the cleanup of several derelict properties in Shelton. A Shelton resident recently wrote to Jason, stating, “I am trying so hard to get our neighborhood cleaned up, and without you nothing would have been done at all. I thank you so very much.”

Working effectively in a multifaceted role isn’t anything new for Jason. In addition to his primary role as Senior Planner, he has also successfully served as the City’s Recycling Coordinator, and acting Community Development Director.

Jason is personally committed to the betterment of Shelton. He is often seen taking the time to clean up a variety of litter and trash on his way to and from work each day. Earlier this summer, he also rescued a lost elderly dog from certain demise when he heard a faint whimper coming from the bottom of an overgrown ditch. Thankfully, he was able to reunite the dog with its owners without incident. It is also true that Jason is regularly approached by local admirers for a quick selfie as proof that they met him. It would be fair to say that Jason is akin to a superhero, working tirelessly to serve the people of Shelton.