Sheriff Announces Layoffs Due to Budget Cuts

Friday, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office announced layoffs due to cuts to the County’s 2017 Current Expense Budget. According to a news release, the Sheriff’s Office is losing three patrol deputy positions, five corrections deputy positions, one evidence tech position, one financial assistant position, and one records specialist position for a total loss of 11 positions. The release also explains two of the layoffs were Patrol Deputies (Deputy Ward and Deputy France) and nine were unfilled positions. Also, to avoid a third deputy layoff, one senior detective agreed to retire early.

These layoffs meet the Sheriff’s Office portion of a $1.8 Million budget reduction approved by the Mason County Commissioners on July 18th. The dollar amount impact to the Sheriff’s 2017 budget is nearly $900,000 ($898,384).

Other county departments also made budget cuts:
WSU Extension $20,941
Assessor $97,849
Auditor $101,491
Treasurer $60,954
Clerk’s Office $43,876.
Support Services (which includes Department of Emergency Management, Human Resources, Risk Management, Parks, Facilities, Commission, Central Services and IT) $360,176.
District Court $11,355
Juvenile $69,516
Prosecutor $89,239
Coroner $14,069
Superior Court $54,000
The specific impacts of these cuts have not yet been released.

The news release also says the Sheriff’s Office is “planning and bracing for possible 10.2% additional cuts in 2018, which equates to over a million dollars, plus the cost of wage and COLA increases which were negotiated by the BOCC.”

The news release ends with a thank you from Sheriff Casey Salibury:
“Sheriff Salisbury would like to thank all of those who have participated in the political process through calling, providing written correspondence and contacting the BOCC with their concerns. He would also like to encourage you to support our other county offices that have lost positions and funding as well. We are a strong County with strong roots and community involvement and we will get through this together!”

Click here to read the full news release from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.