Petition to Ask Voters to Change City Commission Being Reviewed

A citizens petition that would ask voters in the City of Shelton if they want to change the current three-member commission to a seven-member council is being reviewed by election officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office.

Last week, a motion for the City Commission to send the measure to voters died for lack of a second. So, supporters of the concept decided to gather the necessary signatures on a petition to get the question before voters on November 7th. They needed signatures from 10 percent of the voter turnout from the last municipal election or 157.

Mike Olsen, one of the citizens who created the petition, presented a copy of the signed petition to the City Monday night. Olsen reported that in five days, they received over 220 signatures including past mayors and past city commissioners.

Election officials are now verifying those signatures and said they should be able to complete that verification this week. Deadline for the City to Submit a resolution placing the measure on the General Election Ballot is August 1st.

The petition created a heated discussion between Commissioners during the meeting when Commissioner Tracy Moore made another motion for the City to place the measure on the ballot. This time, Mayor Gary Cronce seconded the motion but the vote failed with Cronce and Commissioner Kathy McDowell saying they would rather let the Auditor’s Office finish the verification process.