County to Hold Hearing on Increasing Property Taxes

The Mason County Commission is asking for the public’s input on sending a property tax increase to voters in November. The Commissioners plan to hold the hearing on August 1st as they move forward with placing a property tax levy lid lift on the General Election Ballot.

The Commission discussed their options for increasing revenues again Monday morning and reviewed every line of a draft resolution that places the measure on the ballot.

The Commissioners plan to ask voters to approve adding about 37 cents to the County’s current property tax levy rate of just over $1.40 per thousand of assessed value. This increase is estimated to generate about $2.7 Million and those funds would used to offset projected flat revenues in the next few years and help fill budget gaps anticipated next year and beyond.

Under the resolution, these additional revenues would be used for “the limited purposes of retianing publice safety, criminal justice and other essential services, and, secondarily, begin replenishing the Coujnty’s contingency cash reserves.”

The Commissioners will be briefed again on the resolution next Monday and are expected to schedule the hearing, which is not required, for 9:30 AM next Tuesday, August 1, 2017. August 1st is also the deadline to get measures placed on the General Election Ballot.

One thought on “County to Hold Hearing on Increasing Property Taxes”

  1. Sounds like they will use the money for whatever they want. One paragraph says the money will be used to fill budget gaps and offset projected flat revenues.
    Second paragraph says funds will be used to retain public safety, criminal justice and other essential services, secondarily to replentish cash reserves.
    I would venture to say that the funds will be used for hiring more people and giving Pinter and the clan raises.
    Please vote NO on this levy. They dug their hole, let them figure out how to climb out without being on the backs of taxpayers.
    Vote YES if a levy for law enforcement appears on the ballot.

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