PUD 1 Recognizes Employee Service Milestones

At Mason County PUD 1’s all-employee meeting last Friday, July 14th, nine employees were recognized for achieving service milestones with the District. “I appreciate the work you all do every day to serve our customers and help each other be the best utility we can be”, praised general manager Steven Taylor, before he and board president Jack Janda recognized each employee individually. Janda also thanked the employees on behalf of the board for their service to the ratepayers.

Employees recognized in 2017 (pictured above) included: water technician Marty Crossan (10 years), lineman Tim Brown (15 years), credit and collections specialist Julie Gray (30 years), general manager Steve Taylor (10 years), lead water system operator TJ Goos (10 years), water engineering technician Brandy Milroy (10 years) with Brandy’s son Kyler Jimenez, commissioner Ron Gold (15 years), customer service representative Teresa Hummer (15 years) and lineman Mike Rose (20 years, not pictured).