Heated Testimony Supporting Sheriff’s Office

Public testimony asking the Mason County Commission not to make cuts to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office got a bit heated Tuesday. Several people spoke including Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson and Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza as the County Commissioners plan to cut $2 Million from the 2017 budget. Nearly $900,000 is coming from the Sheriff’s Office which is leading to several deputies and other staff receiving lay off notices. Also, the Commission’s preliminary budget guidelines are asking those same departments and elected officials to reduce expenditures 17.5 percent in their 2018 and 2019 preliminary budgets.

During his testimony, Sheriff Johnson said he is facing a similar situation in Pacific County.

Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza caused Commissioner Kevin Shutty to use his gavel.

And then there was this exchange between Matt Wood and Commissioner Randy Neatherlin.

Neatherlin later apologized to Wood for raising his voice.

A public hearing on the cuts to the current budget is set for 9:30 AM next Tuesday morning.
Preliminary budgets need to be drafted and to the Auditor’s Office by August 8th. Workshops and hearings on budgets for next year will be held this fall.