Coroner Positively Identifies Body as Zach Krull

The body found in Olympic National Park last weekend has been positively identified as Zach Krull, a 20-year-old hiker who went missing in the park in April.

Mason County Coroner Wes Stockwell said dental records provided by the Krull family were used to identify the remains that were discovered on July 2nd. Stockwell also said an autopsy conducted on Friday was inconclusive as to the cause of death. He added that there were no injuries to Krull’s body and that he most likely died from hypothermia, or the loss of core body temperature.

A camera and smart phone were recovered on Krull’s body and are being forensically examined by the National Park Service, the agency investigating the circumstances surrounding the death.

Krull’s body was found in an area by a creek near Flapjack Lakes, about 2 miles north of Lake Cushman.

Krull, originally from New Jersey, had just started his freshman year at The Evergreen State College and failed to return from a camping trip in the Staircase Campground in early April.

On April 14, search and rescue crews found a week-old set of tracks that went through an area hit by an avalanche. It wasn’t known if the tracks belonged to Krull, but officials scaled back search efforts shortly after that discovery.