Port of Grapeview to Start Charging For Facility Use

The Port of Grapeview is well under way to replace its aging boat ramp, installing a new gangway and permanent restroom facilities.

“We’ve secured a grant from the State of Washington’s Recreation & Conservation Office to accomplish the infrastructure renewal,” said Glenn Carlson, Port Commissioner. “The boat ramp will be the easy part as we are simply replacing the existing ramp. We are hoping to have that accomplished by late fall. The rest will take place, hopefully, next year.”

The plans are to straighten out the ramp and subsequently put in a gangway which will allow boaters to easily board and disembark their vessel. The restroom will be ADA complaint and replace the portable that is now in place.

Port Commissioner Lowell Mahugh, who acts as the Port’s treasurer, reports that in order to match the RCO grant, it would be necessary to begin charging to use the ramp and parking lot.

“We’ve tried every which way to avoid this step, but the RCO grant requires 25% matching funds and our miniscule budget doesn’t come close to having those matching funds,” said Mahugh. “We are following the lead of the Washington ports who have a ramp and charge.”

The Port of Allyn has always charged for the use of its North Shore ramp and recently went hi-tech by installing electronic tolling. The Port of Grapeview will use the same vendor for the equipment.

Commissioner John Anderson, who was a construction manager before retirement, is overseeing the installations.“It’s a bit complicated because these projects involve building in or near salt water, which involves a host of government agencies.”

More information is available on the Port’s website at www.portofgrapeview.com.