DNR Suggests Sites for Target Shooting in Tahuya State Forest

The Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is suggesting two possible sites in the Tahuya State Forest for target shooting. Tuesday night, DNR officials held a meeting to hear what residents think. Glenn Glover, Acting Statewide Recreation Manager, started the meeting with a presentation which explained how they got to this point, what the current law allows, what challenges the DNR faces in locating shooting facilities, and showed the possible sites: Tahuya Blacksmith and Mission Hurd.

Video updated with slides from DNR's PowerPoint presentation

After the presentation, those in attendance were asked to go to “listening stations” to provide their input. Officials hope to use that input to identify a preferred location for target shooting. Additional public meetings will then be held before the DNR would secure funding to design and build a target shooting area.

More information is also available: http://www.dnr.wa.gov/targetshooting 

Here are links to DNR provided maps of proposed sites:

Proposed site locations map: http://file.dnr.wa.gov/publications/amp_rec_ts_proposed_sites.pdf
Tahuya Blacksmith Potential Site Map: http://file.dnr.wa.gov/publications/amp_rec_ts_tb_map.pdf
Enlarged Tahuya Blacksmith Potential Site Map: http://file.dnr.wa.gov/publications/amp_rec_ts_tb_zoom.pdf
Mission Hurd Potential Site Map: http://file.dnr.wa.gov/publications/amp_rec_ts_mh_map.pdf
Enlarged Mission Hurd Potential Site Map: http://file.dnr.wa.gov/publications/amp_rec_ts_mh_zoom.pdf

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