Tahuya Target Shooting Public Meeting Tuesday

DNR continues conversations for Tahuya State Forest target shooting range 
June 20 meeting set in Belfair for input on proposed site locations
DNR is inviting target shooters, recreationists, forest workers, nearby homeowners and other members of the public to join in discussions this summer around proposed shooting range locations in Tahuya State Forest.

This follows a series of public meetings DNR held in June 2016 that provided opportunities for residents, forest visitors and others to weigh in with their views on how DNR can best offer opportunities for target shooting in popular state forests, including Tahuya State Forest, while enhancing public safety, providing diverse recreation opportunities and supporting the agency’s revenue-generating activities.
“From our meetings last summer, we heard a wide range of ideas for Tahuya State Forest,” said Glenn Glover, DNR’s acting statewide recreation manager. “One of the clearest was the support of a developed range. With a range, we see opportunities for enhanced stewardship of the state’s natural resources and safety for forest visitors and nearby homeowners.”
The upcoming public forum is intended to provide a chance to comment on a number of proposed shooting ranges and other considerations DNR staff used to identify these locations.
“Now, being thoughtful in our approach, we want to connect again with all interested stakeholders to help inform our local knowledge for these proposed sites and enhance our understanding of each site’s opportunities and concerns,” Glover said.
The meeting begins with a 6:30 p.m. presentation followed by an open house and opportunities to provide comments. Join agency staff 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 20 at the North Mason High School Cafeteria, 150 E. North Mason School Road, Belfair, WA 98528.
With more and more people getting outdoors to enjoy state lands, DNR often uses similar planning processes to identify management and development guidance for long-term recreation opportunities. Target shooting is currently allowed during the day on most DNR-managed lands in areas with an unobstructed, earth backstop that can safely stop all bullets. No shooting is permitted within 500 feet of a recreation site or structure. Shooting is also not permitted across, along or down roads or trails. Shooters are urged to pack out all shells, brass, paper and other debris.
With the input DNR receives from this meeting, staff plan to report back in fall 2017 with an update on a proposed site location and next steps, based on funding and other resources.