Eagle Causes Power Outage near Shelton

A lucky bald eagle survived a scrape with death Friday night (June 9), but its aerobatics around power lines caused an outage for nearly 1,100 Mason PUD 3 customers near Shelton.

Power went out at 6:10 PM for customers living in the Arcadia area, with lines reported down near the intersection of Arcadia and Crater Roads.

Initial accounts from the scene were that a bald eagle had flown into power lines, causing a short, which cut electricity in the area. Linemen arrived on the scene and reported the eagle was in a nearby tree, surveying the damage.

A PUD 3 employee captured the incident on his dash cam:

PUD officials dubbed the eagle “Tesla the Wonder Eagle”, calling it “one tough bird.”

The lines were repaired and power restored at 7:56 PM.