Shelton School District Recognizes Inspiring Students

Wednesday night, the Shelton School District held its second Most Inspiring Student Award Ceremony. Five students from each of the District’s seven schools were recognized for succeeding in school despite various challenges in their lives and in the process, inspired others.

Family, friends, staff and other students attended the ceremony in the Shelton High School SUB (Student Union Building).The Shelton High School Jazz Band performed while they enjoyed dinner prepared by the School District’s Food Services Department and served by NJROTC cadets.

Superintendent Dr. Alex Apostle started the ceremony.

The featured speaker was Jack Stark, Hall of Fame Coach and former teacher, who spoke about accountability.

The students were then recognized.

From Bordeaux:
Tristan White
Maricela Mendoza-Escalante
Floydie Miller
Brian Torstenson
Kaden Burns

From Evergreen:
Diana Diego Miguel
Roberto Ramirez Carrillo
Nolan Gill
Nieves Juarez Villa
Prudencia Lorenzo

From Mt. View:
Kingston Cahoon
Quentin Beacraft
Claudia Tovar-Alvarez
Quintin Ogg
Samantha Frazier

From Olympic Middle School:
Domingo Esteban Juan
Henry Gomez Cruz
Aiden Stocking-Hooker
Chelsea Gipson
Ana Maria Francisco Domingo

From Oakland Bay Junior High:
Kayden Palmas
Tyler Murdock
Melisa Rodriguez
Kayla Fleshman
Tomas Gaspar

From Shelton High School:
Jose Alvarez Rivas
Braden Bursch
Victoria Gonella
Lily Hutchinson
Chloe Ponce

From CHOICE High School:
Kahsai Gamber
Noe Gutierrez
Jesus Acosta
Trinity Fewell
Brittany Cornwell