County Commission Briefed on Belfair Sewer

The Mason County Commission was briefed Wednesday morning on the future growth of the Belfair Sewer System. This was the fourth briefing on the financial issues of the County-owned sewer plant as officials get closer to solutions. During the briefing, the commissioners reviewed information drafted by David Windom, Director of Community Services; Jerry Hauth, Director of Public Works; and Frank Pinter, Director of Support Services. The Directors are looking at ways to increase revenues, expand the service area and reduce operating and maintenance expenses.

The County will begin rewriting the County’s Code relating to its sewer plan and other utilities, start a rate analysis including a $5,000 connection fee, look into how Limited Area of More Intense Rural Development (LAMIRD) and Special Benefit Districts could work, and explore the costs and benefits of expanding the system to existing homes, new development, and connecting to the Puget Sound Industrial Complex in Kitsap County.

Another briefing will likely be scheduled for June 7th.

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