Tanker Spills Fuel in 101 Crash

A propane tanker truck spilled fuel while being pulled from a ditch on U.S. Highway 101 near Beacon Point Drive Tuesday morning. The State Patrol says the tanker was southbound on 101 about 4 AM. At milepost 316 (about two miles south of the Jefferson County Line), the driver over corrected on a turn and the truck traveled approximately 150 feet before coming to rest in the southbound ditch. While the truck was being pulled out of the ditch by a tow truck, its passenger side fuel tank ruptured, spilling 50 to 100 gallons of diesel fuel. The State Department of Ecology responded to contain the spill.

No one was injured in the crash and the tanker although damaged was driven from the scene.

The Trooper’s report indicates the cause of the crash was inattention and the driver was cited.