Most Kindergartners Are Immunized

The Department of Health recently released school immunization results for 2016-2017, and for the second year in a row, 85 percent of kindergartners had received the required vaccinations to start school.

Nearly 5 percent of kindergartners have an exemption or waiver from immunizations on file for a medical, personal, or religious reason. This means more than 4,000 children in Washington aren’t protected from diseases that vaccines prevent. While the exemption rate hasn’t increased since 2011, it’s more than double the national average of 2 percent.

About 8 percent of kindergartners are out of compliance with school immunization requirements. These students don’t have all of their immunizations up to date, haven’t submitted an exemption, or are missing paperwork. The remaining students are “conditional,” or getting caught up on their vaccinations or paperwork.

More than 95 percent of schools submitted data this year. Explanations of school immunization rates, as well as trends and data, can be found at the department’s website.

Parents and guardians can access their child’s immunization records at MyIR and locate school immunization rates on

Washington provides vaccines at no cost for all kids up to age 19 through the Childhood Vaccine Program.