Shelton Police Receive High Marks on WSP Compliance Report

The Shelton Police Department has received high marks on its annual compliance report from the Washington State Patrol. According to a news release, SPD had the highest percentage of arrests in Mason County in 2015:

The State Patrol’s Annual Disposition Reporting Compliance Report is used as a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of procedures for compiling Criminal History Record Information (CHRI). Established during the 1972 Legislative Session, the Criminal History Records Section (CHRS) is the central repository for statewide CHRI. The CHRI is based on arrest fingerprint card submissions from sheriff’s offices, police departments, and adult correctional and juvenile detention facilities. The CHRI is used for many purposes including criminal justice investigations, public and private employment background checks, licensing background checks, proper sentencing of convicted felons, and presentence and post-sentence evaluations.

Arrests for which no disposition has been received after one year are not disseminated on non-law enforcement inquiries. This reduces the effectiveness of policies created to restrict/limit certain individuals from possessing firearms, obtaining professional licenses, or gaining employment in positions they are restricted from holding. The WSP’s Annual Disposition Compliance Report attempts to identify deficiencies in reporting compliance for all contributor groups from across the state. The audit is part of the continuous effort to improve public safety for all citizens of the State of Washington.

The results of the 2017 audit indicate that the Shelton Police Department had the highest percentage of arrests in compliance with disposition reporting requirements in Mason County for arrests occurring in 2015.

2017 Washington State Patrol Annual Disposition Reporting Compliance Report for arrests occurring from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015

(Mason County)

Agency Name Percent in Compliance Total Arrest Charges Reported Total Open Charges
Shelton Police Department 75.64% 1318 321
Mason County Superior Court 71.43% 14 4
Mason County Sheriff’s Office 66.43% 2633 884