Clean Energy Celebrated at Mason PUD 3

Resolution Supports Carbon Free Electricity Source

Steam rises from cooling towers at Columbia Generating Station, Richland, WA. Courtesy of Energy NorthwestMason PUD 3 commissioners Tuesday celebrated one of the reasons local electricity customers enjoy 97 percent carbon free power.

Commissioners adopted a resolution in support of the Columbia Generating Station, a nuclear power plant in the Tri-Cities operated by Energy Northwest.

PUD 3 gets 84 percent of its electricity from hydropower, ten percent from the Columbia Generating Station, and three percent from wind. The final three percent comes from natural gas and coal.

“If we had to replace Columbia Generating Station with other fuel sources, such as natural gas, that would add at least 3,000,000 tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere each year,” said Linda Gott, PUD 3 commissioner. “This power plant generates enough carbon-free electricity each year to light up a city the size of Seattle.”

As a public power community, the sources of Mason County’s electricity are among the cleanest in the world. Fossil fuels provide only three percent of Mason PUD 3’s energy supply. On average, the three investor-owned utilities in Washington State get nearly 63 percent of their electricity from fossil-fueled power plants.