Message from NM Superintendent on Wednesday’s Events

North Mason School District Superintendent Dana Rosenbach released the following message in the wake of Wednesday’s police activity at Hawkins Middle School and North Mason High School:

Today was a stressful day for students, families and staff, particularly those on our secondary campus. Just as lunch was beginning, sheriff’s deputies were investigating a report of a high school student with a firearm. The secondary campus buildings went into lock-down for safety purposes. Then, dispatch received multiple calls reporting an active shooter at Hawkins Middle School. As the lock-down continued, additional law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and law enforcement then took control of the scene.

Eventually, Hawkins was cleared. Law enforcement collected additional information and it was determined our staff and students were safe and no shooting had occurred.

At the high school, no weapon was found and the student was released.

We were in lock-down for a significant amount of time. There were around 75 law enforcement and safety officers on the campus representing 15 local state and federal agencies. We are thankful for their coordinated, thorough response. Their focus on making sure our students were all safe and well was outstanding.

During the active investigation, law enforcement was in control of the campus until the situation was cleared. Our staff worked with law enforcement to ensure student safety throughout the day. When it was determined there was no threat, the lock-down ended and we began the process of reunifying students with their families and getting everyone home safely.

Although this was very stressful for everyone, we are thankful it turned out to be a false alarm. Our staff, students and law enforcement were amazing throughout the day.

As always, we will review our performance throughout this event because we are focused on doing our best for our students. We will also participate in an after action review with the sheriff’s office next week.

We did learn that we need a plan for when something occurs during lunch, as many students missed lunch due to the lock-down. We will make sure this does not happen if there is a next time.

Your students are our first priority. We are glad everyone was safe today, however, we know that some students may continue to experience stress after this experience. Counseling staff will be available to support the needs of staff and students tomorrow and as long as necessary.

Thank you,

Dana Rosenbach

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