City Planning to Expand Railroad Avenue Road Diet

The City of Shelton plans to expand on what is called the Railroad Avenue Road Diet. Resident provided their opinion on the test road diet which included one travel lane in each direction, raised colored crosswalks and back in diagonal parking between 2nd and 5th streets. According to Public Works Director Craig Gregory, that test has provided the City a direction to expand the diet while eliminating some aspects including the back-in parking. Gregory spelled out the new plan to the City Commission Monday night.

The plan now is to expand the one lane of travel in each direction from 1st to 7th, with paint colored crosswalks and left turn lanes at every intersection, remove the traffic light at 4th, and go back to parallel parking on the north side of the street.

The Railroad Avenue Road Diet was the first phase that came out of the Shelton Downtown Visioning Process.

Official action on the new plan is expected next week with the hope to have the changes done before Forest Festival.