County Commission Discusses Budget Methodology

Monday morning, the Mason County Commission discussed budget methodology, specifically relating to Resolution 46-16 which regards management of the 2016 budget.
The resolution allows Elected Officials and Department Directors the authority to transfer up to $15,000 annually (except for the Sheriffs Office which can transfer up to $50,000 annually) within their departments between salary and benefits and operations without approval of the Board of Commissioners.

The question, posed by the Sheriff’s Office, is whether that resolution applies to the 2017 budget.

Among those to review the resolution was Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tim Whitehead who called the resolution vague but said it applies only to the 2016 budget.

“The logical reading would be that Resolution 46-16 and the contents there in apply to the management of the 2016 budget,” Whitehead told the Commissioners.

According to Frank Pinter, Director of Support Services for the County, the Commission has some options including re-doing the resolution and applying it to the 2017 budget or to all budgets. Or do nothing an have these types of request go to the Commissioners for approval.

Commissioner Kevin Shutty, who was not in office when the resolution was approved, would like to discuss the issue with all elected officials. That meeting is set for next week.

Commissioners Terri Jeffreys and Randy Neatherlin both said they would like to adopt a new resolution that would continue the practice into the future.

Another topic that will be discussed during the meeting with elected officials will be the County’s limited cash flow and reserves.

Additional briefings on these budget related questions will be scheduled in the coming weeks.