Luke Manning Selected City Employee of the Month

Luke Manning, Parks Crew Lead at the City of Shelton, was selected as Employee of the Month by the City’s Wellness Committee for the month of April 2017.

Mark Ziegler, City’s Director of Community Development, presented Manning with the award during Monday’s Shelton City Commission meeting.

Last month marked Luke’s twentieth year with the City’s Parks Department. Prior to starting full-time with the City in 1997, Luke began as a seasonal summer help employee in 1994 where he assisted City crews with park maintenance.

As the Parks Crew Lead, Luke’s primary focus is managing the Parks Maintenance Team, and insuring that all maintenance issues are addressed throughout the City’s parks system. His favorite part of the job is the varying scope of duties. Luke likes the challenge of doing something different every day.

Those who work with Luke say he always has a positive attitude, takes a proactive approach to park maintenance needs, and is very resourceful. Luke is always thinking of cost saving options on projects, and ways to do more with less. Despite the fact that the City has added several new parks, including Shelton Skate Park, Teresa Johnson Trail, and Catalyst Park, the number of full time employees working in the Parks Department has decreased, and the parks maintenance budget has been reduced significantly. Luke has done well at effectively managing his team to meet the new demands created by this increased workload. The quality of the City’s park system is reflective of Luke’s hard work, and the pride that he has for the community.