Latest Briefing on Belfair Sewer

The Mason County Commission was presented with the latest proposals for the Belfair Sewer Monday morning. During the briefing, the County’s Director of Support Services, Frank Pinter, ran through the process for formulating the development of a financial plan for the wastewater system. During his presentation, Pinter summarized the problem and presented possible solutions which included reviewing the monthly charge per ERU (Equivalent Residential Unit), offering “enticing lower” Capital Facility Charge (CFC), reviewing the validity of an ERU equaling 155 gallons of water per day, expanding the system, and restructuring debt.

Possible system expansion via Roy Boad Road to the Puget Sound Industrial Center (formerly called SKIA), connecting properites on the North Shore and the South Shore through LAMBRID, providing sewer to Sand Hill Elementary School, North Mason School District Campus, Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women, and Belfair State Park.

The County needs to “buy time” as the current situation is financially unsustainable. The recommendations that came out of the briefing include extending the system’s current debt, revisiting expansion, modify the Belfair Sewer Plan, formalizes discussions regarding service to PSIC, and develop a comprehensive sewer plan for the county.

Another concept that came out during Monday’s briefing: implement “At Financial Breakeven” expansion.

The Commissioners will be holding another briefing on the Belfair Sewer next week.