Watch Mason County Commission

Watch the April 11, 2017 Mason County Commission meeting. There are four ways to watch live at 9 AM:  Hood Canal Communication’s local channel, or Mason County’s website: You can also watch on demand on or Mason County’s website:  Rebroadcasts on Hood Canal Communication’s local channel are Thursday at 6 PM, Saturday at 2 PM and Sunday at 9 AM.

Here is the meeting’s agenda:

Commission Chambers – 9:00 a.m.
411 North Fifth Street, Shelton WA 98584

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll Call

4. Correspondence and Organizational Business

4.1 Correspondence

5. Open Forum for Citizen Input (5 minutes per person, 15 minutes time limit)
If you wish to address the Commission, raise your hand to be recognized by the Chair. When you have been recognized, please step up to the microphone and give your name and address before your comments. The Mason County Commission is committed to maintaining a meeting atmosphere of mutual respect and speakers are encouraged to honor this principle.

6. Adoption of Agenda
Items appearing on the agenda after “Item 10. Public Hearings”, may be acted upon before 9:30 a.m.

7. Approval of Minutes – April 3, 2017 Briefing Minutes; March 28, 2017 & April 4, 2017 Regular Meeting Minutes

8. Approval of Action Agenda: All items listed under the “Action Agenda” may be enacted by one motion unless a Commissioner or citizen requests an item be removed from the Action Agenda and considered as a separate item.

8.1 Approval to have the Chair sign the amendment to agreement #W2RCLCP-1517-MaCoSo-00038 with the Department of Ecology. This amendment is in the amount of $32,110 and will be used to facilitate an additional crew in the Litter Program.

8.2 Approval of Veterans Assistance Fund applications for: Utilities $528.83 and Housing $1,883.24 for a total of $2,412.07.

8.3 Approval of the “Notification of Final Cost” of County Road Construction projects completed in 2016 by county forces.

8.4 Approval of the Interlocal Agreement with North Mason School District authorizing services provided by the Public Works Department for vehicle, road or site maintenance, engineering, survey, GIS, emergency assistance, sign fabrication, fueling and materials supply.

8.5 Approval to authorize Public Works to select and hire HDR, a consultant from the County MRSC Consultant Roster, to complete the design and specifications for improvements at Eells Hill Transfer Station.

8.6 Approval to have Equipment Rental & Revolving (ER&R) declare a vehicle, office equipment, and miscellaneous shop parts surplus and dispose of at the Washington State Surplus sales.

8.7 Approval of the resolution to amend resolution 48-14 and Title 2, Chapter 2.46 of the Mason County, Washington, Code of Ordinances. This resolution designates the Support Services Director and the Emergency & Information Services Manager as Mason County’s Americans with Disabilities Act coordinators for any internal or external complaints or grievances.

8.8 Approval of a resolution selecting The Mason County Journal as the official county newspaper for publishing certain legal publications.

8.9 Approval of the resolution to amend the Mason County Personnel Policy Chapter 13, to include assignment of County vehicles for take-home and operational considerations.

8.10 Approval to execute the Professional Services contract with Kristen Bishopp and Tirsa Butler to provide At Risk Youth and Child in Need of Services representation and to authorize Frank Pinter, Support Services Director to sign on behalf of the County.

8.11 Approval to extend the current contract with Kristen Bishopp for Public Defense representation and approval to authorize Frank Pinter to sign on behalf of the County.

8.12 Approval of the contract amendment with Blue Collar Agency authorizing an additional $4,600.00 in Lodging Tax funding to attend a festival in Seattle for tourism promotion.

8.13 Approval of the resolution for the distribution of the additional Public Utility District Excise Tax that was received from the Department of Revenue in the amount of $8,784.07.

8.14 Approval to enter into and a contract with Mason General for Hepatitis B vaccines and respirator FIT medical reviews, testing and supplies and approval to have the Chair sign the contract.

9. Other Business (Department Heads and Elected Officials)

10. 9:30 a.m. Public Hearings and Items Set for a Certain Time

10.1 Public Hearing to consider the sale of real property located at 150 E. Panorama Drive, Shelton. Parcel #32021-56-01012.
Staff: Frank Pinter

11. Board’s Reports and Calendar

12. Adjournment

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