New Internet-Privacy Act Introduced in Olympia

In just one day, a new consumer-protection bill is making a big impact in Olympia. Dan Frizzell has that story in this audio report produced by the Washington State House Democratic Caucus:

The Washington State Internet Privacy Act, introduced Tuesday by Representative Drew Hansen and already co-sponsored by nearly half the members of the House, is pretty simple: It says your internet service provider can’t sell your private data to marketers, advertisers, insurance companies or anyone else without asking for and receiving your explicit permission.  Hansen drafted the bill to protect Washingtonians from the effects of the Trump administration’s repeal of a similar privacy protection rule issued by the Federal Communications Commission under President Obama.

The Trump rollback gives these companies the right to sell your internet search or browsing history unless you proactively notify them in writing that you don’t want your private activities made public. Drew Hansen:

“If Congress is too craven to protect our privacy, then in Washington state we are certainly going to do something about it. Because when we pay lots and lots of money to our broadband internet service providers, we do not have an expectation that they are monetizing us in return.”

Hansen, a Democrat from Bainbridge Island, has support for his bill from both parties and every point on the political spectrum.  If it becomes law, Washington would become just the second state, after Minnesota, to protect consumers from the Trump rollback. In Olympia, I’m Dan Frizzell.