Input Sought on Railroad Avenue

City of Shelton is looking for input on Railroad Avenue with a community survey.

The ongoing Railroad Avenue Road Diet project is central to the Downtown Vision Plan established by a community-led Downtown Visioning Committee in 2015. The goal of the road diet on Railroad Avenue is to enhance the walkability and economic development potential for existing and future businesses in the downtown core. The City of Shelton has already implemented several aspects of the road diet on Railroad from Third to Fifth, including a reduction to two traffic lanes, back-in angle parking spaces, cross walks painted with red non-slip paint, and painted curb extensions.

City staff has collected initial community feedback, and they are ready to propose additional road diet improvements, which include:

  • Removing all back-in angle parking spaces
  • Returning parallel parking to the curb
  • Eliminating the painted curb extensions
  • Extending the two lane road design from First through Seventh
  • Adding turn pockets from First through Seventh
  • Extending the red non-slip crosswalks from First through Seventh
  • Creating a 5.5’ buffer lane to help maintain traffic flow and assist with parallel parking
  • Adding crosswalk assistance (e.g. flashing cross walk lights) at Fourth and Railroad

The City is requesting that members of the community complete a survey on the proposed improvements to the Railroad Avenue Road Diet. The survey can be found at:

More information on Shelton’s Community Vision & Action Plan can be found at:

Shelton City Manager Ryan Wheaton discussed Railroad Avenue and other construction projects recently during a Shelton Mason County Chamber of Commerce luncheon.