Watch Shelton City Commission

Watch the Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Shelton City Commission meeting.  There are three ways to watch live at 2 PM: Hood Canal Communication’s local channel (46),, or You can also watch on demand on or Rebroadcasts on Hood Canal Communication’s local channel are Wednesday at 11 AM, Thursday at 3 PM, and Saturday at 9 AM.

Here is the meeting’s agenda:

Commission Business Meeting
Tuesday February 21, 2017
6:00 p.m.
Shelton Civic Center

A. Call to Order

B. Pledge of Allegiance

C. Commission Reports

? AABC Pee Wee Reese World Series Event – Presented by Steve Avila
? Letter to Kyle Cronk, South Sound YMCA President – Presented by Ryan Wheaton

D. General Public Comment (3-minute time limit per person)

E. Consent Agenda

1. Payroll vouchers numbered 3308 through 3443 and 13581 through 13603 in the
amount of $646,162.21

2. Vouchers numbered 13667 through 13763 in the amount of $260,290.71

3. Voucher numbered 13662 in the amount of $5,377.31

F. Action Agenda (Public Comment on Action Item)

1. Update Interlocal Bio-Solids Agreement with Mason County – Presented by Craig Gregory

G. Business Agenda

1. Huff & Puff Parking Agreement – Presented by Mark Ziegler

H. Administration Reports

I. Administration Final Touches

J. Announcement of the Next Meeting

K. Adjourn

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