City to Privatize Solid Waste

The Shelton City Commissioners voted 2-1 Monday in favor of privatizing the City’s Solid Waste utility through a contract with Mason County Garbage. After working on various options over the past 16 months, Public Works Director Craig Gregory brought forward a proposal that maintains service levels for residential City customers, while expanding options for business owners.

The City is excited to partner with Mason County Garbage, a successful local company that has operated in the area since 1951.

More details will be provided to customers over the next few months, as the change is tentatively scheduled for July 2017.

The dissenting vote was Commissioner Tracy Moore, who still had questions:

The contract with Mason County Garbage includes a minimum 2.5% annual rate increase or 100% of the Sea/Tac CPI-U starting in 2018 through 2026 and no minimum for years 11-20 of the contract; a one-time payment of $1,710,000 to the City; and a $500,000+ annual payments for contract years 4-20.