City Supports School District’s Bond & Levy

The Shelton City Commissioners presented a letter at Monday’s commission meeting announcing the City’s support of the Shelton School District’s upcoming bond and levy measures. As highlighted in the letter, it is the belief of the City that if the bond measure is passed, the City stands to benefit now and into the future.

The City Commission’s letter does acknowledge that many residents are struggling financially but points out the benefits of passing the measures to include creating construction jobs in the short-term and help attract businesses in the future while giving students access to a quality education.

The letter closes with “The passing of the bond and levy measures on February 14th will not only improve the lives of each student, but will also initiate positive economic changes for all residents of Shelton now and into the future.”

The Shelton School District is asking voters to approve a $64,778,906 construction bond and a three-year replacement levy.

The construction bond would pay for necessary improvements to all schools in the District including a new addition to the high school and a new Mountain View Elementary. The rate per thousand of assessed value for the bond is estimated to be $1.81.

The levy would replace the District’s current levy that expires at the end of next year. The amounts for each year would be $7.33 Million which equates to $4.38 per thousand of assessed value in 2018, $4.34 per thousand in 2019, and $4.29 per thousand in 2020.

2 thoughts on “City Supports School District’s Bond & Levy”

  1. Wanted to clarify the “1.81” number referenced above.

    Should the bond pass, the total projected per thousand of assessed value will be 3.56 for the years 2018 -> 2021.

    The 3.56 rate is a 1.81 increase over the 2016 rate of 1.75

    The 1.81 rate is not the cost of the new bond, it is the increase of the total bond tax over the 2016 tax of 1.75

    Beginning in 2022 (thru 2038) the total rate will be 2.75. This represents a rate 1.00 higher than the 1.75 rate in 2016

    1. The 1.75 rate is the actual rate for 2016

      The other numbers for future years in the comments are projections by the bond attorney’s office

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