Load Restrictions Still in Effect

A reminder, emergency gross load weight restrictions remain in effect on roads in Mason County and streets in the City of Shelton. restrictions on County roads applicable to vehicles with conventional or tubeless tires sized 7.00 and up. Emergency vehicles are exempt and the road load restrictions will be in place until further notice. However, there are a number of roads that are exempt from this restriction. Click here for a map of county roads and click here for a map of city streets

A list of county road is below:

Agate Road from SR 3 to Benson Loop
Arcadia Road
Bear Creek Dewatto Rd. from Old Belfair Highway to Elfendahl Pass Road
Belfair Tahuya Road from North Shore Road to Tee Lake Road
Brockdale Road
Clifton Lane
Cloquallum Road
Cole Road
Craig Road from SR 3 to 90 degree corner
Crestview from Agate Store to Shorecrest
Dalby Road
Dayton Airport Road
Eells Hill Road from SR 102 to the transfer station
Franklin Street from Hulbert East to Miles
Golden Pheasant Road
Grapeview Loop Road
Haven Way from Belfair Tahuya Road to Haven Lake Drive
Highland Road from Shelton Matlock Road to Panhandle Lake Road
Hulbert Road East
Hulbert West
Hurley Waldrip Road from SR 101 to Kennedy Creek Quarry
Johns Prairie Road from City Limits to milepost 3.2
Kamilche Lane
Lynch Road from SR 101 to Arcadia Road
Mason Benson road from SR 3 to Trails Road
Mason Lake Road from SR 3 to Emerald
McEwan Prairie Road
McReavy Road
North Bay Road
North Mason School Road
North Shore Road from SR 300 to Rendsland Creek Bridge
Old Belfair Highway
Old Olympic Highway
Pickering Road from SR 3 to Harstene Island Bridge
Public Works Drive
Purdy Cut-Off Road
Sand Hill Road from SR 300 to Transfer Station
Shelton Matlock / Shelton Matlock Brady Road
Shelton Springs Road
Trails Road from Mason Benson to Trails End Drive

Special Motorized Permits are available for EMERGENCY use only. Contact Mason County Public Works at 427-9670, Ext. 450 for more information.