Fire Districts Begin Series of Pre-Incident Planning

Firefighters touring the Little Creek Casino

Firefighters from Mason District #4, #11, Central Mason Fire & EMS, and Griffin Fire District began their 2017 series of pre-incident plans review at the Squaxin Island / Little Creek Propane Farm on State Route 108.

Eric Plummer, Regional Manager of NGL Supply Terminal Company, who supervises the operation on Little Skookum Creek conducted a tour and overview of safety operations.

Eric was good friends of Charles “Chuck” McDonald, who lost his life due to a propane explosion, in Tacoma’s Nalley Valley. “It was ten years ago, this October, that your friend lost his life, and we are here to honor him with a safety training exercise.”

The Regional Manager was presented with Mason Fire District #4’s commemorative coin.

The pre-incident tour continued to the Little Creek Casino and Resort. District 4 has made huge strides with emergency plans, with the help of Little Creek CEO, Mark West. Squaxin Island and Little Creek Resort represent 25% of the operational calls for service in Fire District #4.

Chief’s Bob Burbridge (District 4,) Tim McKern (Central Mason Fire & EMS,) and Brandon Searles (District 11,) have committed to work together through training to improve how we operate together. Working together through planning is more powerful, than to be creative during stressful incidents.

The chiefs believe, “The best fire is the fire that never starts, and the best incident is the incident without surprises.” Having unfiltered access to buildings, utilities, and infrastructure gives firefighters the best chance for positive outcomes.

The next scheduled training will be the new Sierra Pacific Mill, which is about to open at the site of the former Simpson Mill.