City to Accepted Sewer Sludge from AAA Septic

The Shelton City Commission approved a contract which allows the City to accept sewer sludge from AAA Septic and further treat the sludge in the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility. This contract is similar to the contract the City has with Mason County for the same type of treatment. Other public and private organizations have also approached the City for further treatment of digested sludge.

The rates AAA Septic will pay the City are 69 cents per dry pound of digested sludge treated and 0.092 cents per gallon of digested sludge delivered to the City. The contract has a 3% annual increase.

In separated action, City Commissioners decided NOT to utilize loan money to rehabilitate Well #1 and look for other funding options. The City received a loan at 1% interest to complete phase 2 of the Upper Mountain View Pressure Zone which included a second water tank, a PRV station, a pressure line from Well #1 and a new Well #5. Last summer, the Commission voted NOT to complete phase 2. The Commissioners say the City would not be able to repay the loan. However, the loan is available to the City until June 2018.

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