Green Diamond Leases Land to Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Green Diamond Resource Company announced recently the lease of 15,850 acres of property in Mason County to Shelton Dirt Rider, LLC, a motorcycle group.  Members of Shelton Dirt Rider, a new organization whose president is John Eaton, will have exclusive rights to ride motorcycles and 4-wheeled vehicles under 50 inches wide on roads and approved trails in the area.  Members of the general public will continue to have non-motorized access to the area, which represents no change from past use patterns.

The specific area being leased is Green Diamond property only, bordered by Hood Canal to the north, Trails End to the east, State Route 3 to the south and McReavy Road to the west.

“Motorized Off-road enthusiasts cannot thank Green Diamond Resource Company enough for this opportunity,” said John Eaton, who represents Shelton Dirt Rider LLC.  “It is my hope to creaet a win-win for riders and Green Diamond by demonstrating good stewardship from the riding community.”

Eaton stated that individual and head of household membership plans are available by emailing or by visiting Dirt Cheap Cycle, 900 Olympic Highway S., Shelton (360) 427-3478 or on Facebook/Dirt Cheap Cycle.

“We recognize that motorcycle and other ORV use is extremely popular in this area, yet Green Diamond has historically prohibited these vehicles for safety and other reasons,” said Patti Case, spokesperson for Green Diamond Resource Company.  “Leasing land to a dedicated motorcycle organization puts the organization in the position of managing motorcycle use, gives enthusiasts legitimate opportunities to ride and provides some revenue for the company to maintain roads and improve security.”

Green Diamond will review the lease in November, 2017; but reserves the right to terminate it earlier if safety or environmental damage becomes an issue.