County Balances 2017 Budget

The Mason County Commission has balanced the 2017 budget. Tuesday morning, the Commissioners held the final budget briefing before a public hearing on the proposed budget.

During the briefing, Frank Pinter, Director of Support Services for the County, summarized the final changes to the $31.5 Million General Fund budget for next year. 

Among the changes on the revenue side were an increase the in the road diversion amount, an increase in fees for inmates moved to home monitoring , and an increase in the amount from the Mental Health fund to pay for nursing services in the jail.

Among the cuts from the expenditures requests are delay in hiring an attorney in the Prosecutor’s Office until March and a $25,000 cut in administration operations; delay starting the alternative sentencing program until July; no new vehicles for the Sheriff’s Office in 2017; a reduction in overtime for patrol; and not increasing the Sheriff’s salary to be 22% above other elected officials.

These changes leave the County with a 9% reserve and no room for supplement budget requests next year.

A public hearing on the County’s 2017 budget is set for 9 AM Monday, December 5, 2016.

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