County Preliminary Budget Reduced During Workshop

111616-mcc-budget-workshopThe Mason County Commission held another workshop on the County’s 2017 Preliminary Budget Wednesday morning in an attempt to close the $1.38 Million gap between requests from departments and elected officials for next year and expected revenues that was revealed last week.

In order to help balance next year’s budget, Frank Pinter, Director of Support Services for the County, eliminated all requests for new staff from all departments with the exception of a cook position in the Jail and those positions related to alternative sentencing.
Pinter also adjusted some of the revenue numbers based on figures from this year and reduced some line item requests to 2016 levels. The latest proposed preliminary 2017 budget does maintain 9% reserve but leaves only $37,000 “wiggle room”.

Commissioners Randy Neatherlin and Terri Jeffreys stated this proposal would allow departments to keep their current staff.

The revised preliminary budget will be sent to department heads and other County Elected Officials for their input. The Commissioners did say if a department needs an increase in one area they would consider the suggestion as long as there is an equal decrease in another area.

Department heads and elected officials have until Friday to provide input on the latest preliminary budget for next year. Another budget workshop is scheduled for 2:30 PM Monday.

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