County Commission to Set Electeds’ Salaries

The Mason County Commission has decided on a way to set salaries for other elected officials in the County. After nearly an hour of discussion Monday morning during a briefing, two of the three Commissioners said they favor repealing Resolution 132-08 which suspended salary increases for the Assessor, Auditor, Clerk, Sheriff and Treasurer in 2008.

Prior to Resolution 132-08, those elected officials’ salaries were set at 95% of the Commissioners’ salary with the Sheriff receiving 22% above that 95% amount. The Coroner was added to the list of elected officials in 2011 when that office changed from a part-time position to a full-time position. However, the Coroner’s salary was set at 2008 95% level.

By repealing Resolution 132-08, those elected officials’ salaries would increase to the appropriate percentage of the Commissioners’ salaries next year and then be tied to the 1% salary increase the Commissioners receive annually in future years.

This would give Assessor, Auditor, Clerk, Coroner and Treasurer an 8% increase in salary and the Sheriff a 14% increase in salary.

Commissioners Terri Jeffrey and Randy Neatherlin plan to include these increases in the 2017 budget and a resolution will need to be adopted in order to do so. Commissioner Tim Sheldon did not support this concept. A revised budget for next year is expected later this month.

The County Commission has been discussing the salaries of other elected officials for months. The initial goal was to bring those salaries more inline with their counterparts in comparable counties which include Clallaum, Jefferson, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Island, and Skagit. This concept would put the salaries for Mason County elected officials among the highest of those comparable counties.

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