Political OP/ED: Dan and Drew for the 35th

op-ed disclaimerFor those who have not yet voted, you really need to decide as to whether the legislators of the 35th District will represent you and your neighbors, or will they be the tool of the powerful in Olympia.  I believe the answer to this question can be found in Public Disclosure Commission data relating to the source of their campaign contributions.


Did you know that as of today, the two Democratic candidates have received over $600,000 in direct and independent contributions to their campaigns, over double that of their opponents? 
And all that money is not coming from local support.  Only about 10% of the direct contributions to Patti and Bowling are from within district.  Our two incumbents, Dan Griffey and Drew MacEwen, have received about 40% of their direct support from within district, even though incumbents usually get more out-of-district due to their position in the legislature.  And what about the “big money” coming in, the two Democrats have received over 60% of their direct contributions in donations over $1,000 which need to be funneled through other organizations.  Dan and Drew only received about 5% from contributions over $1,000.


Who is contributing to our Democratic candidates through multiple levels of organizations such as the House Democratic Campaign Committee, so called Mainstream Voters, and the Kennedy fund?  It is not you or me, it is not local businesses, and it is not really anyone with any real interest in the wellbeing of the 35th District.  The money comes from sources such as the surplus campaign funds of primarily Seattle-area Democrats and large contributions from special interest groups.


Our Democratic candidates may say certain things to the local audience, but there are a bunch of people and organizations putting a lot of money up thinking they will act differently.  We have two incumbents who do represent their district and are connected to you and me, not powerful special interests.  Vote Dan Griffey and Drew MacEwen for the legislature.


Bob Rogers, Shelton