Pumpkins Fly in Union

pumpkin-catapults3Pumpkins were flying through the air at Hunter Farms in Union Saturday as three high schools competed in the 8th Annual Pumpkin Chunkin’ Contest. The teams from Shelton High School, Rainier High School and West Sound Tech built catapults (also called trebuchets) that hurled those pumpkins.

The teams competed in four categories: distance, accuracy, design and people’s choice. The Rainier team’s “Wicked Launch of the West” won the distance competition hurling a pumpkin over 280 feet and took the accuracy competition as the only trebuchet to hit the target which was a boat.

Judges for the design competition included 6th District U.S. Congressman Derek Kilmer, 35th District State Representative Drew MacEwan, and candidate for Mason County Commissioner District 2 Kevin Shutty.

A trebuchet is a machine used in medieval siege warfare for hurling large stones or other missiles.