Political Op/Ed by Linda Thomson, Belfair: Support Craig Patti

op-ed disclaimerCraig Patti is my pick for State Representative in the 35th District. He understands this sprawling district. He grew up in Thurston County, lives in Mason with his wife and children, and works as a firefighter in Kitsap County. Those are the areas covered by the 35th.

Being a lifelong resident of this district, with active involvement in each county, he relates well to folks living here. He represents and embraces our lifestyle. As a sportsman, Craig supports Second Amendment rights. He opposes a state income tax, as the citizens of our district have voted more than once. Craig wants to make sure we fully fund our schools, starting by closing unfair tax loopholes.

Craig served as a local school board member and earned an award as an outstanding education volunteer. His service and his leadership make him well qualified to represent us in Olympia.

Craig has chosen to run as an “Independent Democrat,” showing that Seattle folks will not be calling the shots on his legislative career. He shares our values and wants to represent the people living in the 35th District.

Please vote for Craig Patti, 35th LD (position 2) State Representative.

Linda Thomson, Belfair

One thought on “Political Op/Ed by Linda Thomson, Belfair: Support Craig Patti”

  1. Mr. Patti, and also Ms. Bowling, spent 2 seconds adding “independent” to Democrat in their filing paperwork and we are to believe that was to show the “Seattle folks” that they will not be calling the shots? Then why are the “Seattle folks” providing $55,000 directly to his campaign through the House Democratic Campaign Committee, which in turn is almost entirely funded by excess campaign funds of Seattle-area Democrats? This does not even include the vast majority of his individual campaign donations coming from out-of-district. In addition, over $77,000 of independent expenditures have been used against his opponent, Drew MacEwen, again most of the funding coming from what I would call “Seattle folks”. Ms. Bowling, not to lose out on this, has received over $63,000 directly and $57,000 independent expenditures from “Seattle folks”. (PDC data 10/25/2016).

    I, for one, am supporting truly independent candidates. Independent from the entrenched special interest groups in Olympia, independent from their party on many votes, and independent from the Seattle-area power brokers. Candidates who will represent the people of the 35th district, not “Seattle folks”. Vote for Drew MacEwen and Dan Griffey in the 35th.

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