Assessor Talks Appraisals & Property Taxes

melody-mapMason County Assessor Melody Peterson talked about appraisals and property taxes with the North Mason Community Voice Monday night. Assessor Peterson explained how every county in the State must perform annual valuations and does so through a “Mass Appraisal” but also does physical evaluations every six years. State law also requires that property be appraised at 100 percent of its true and fair market value.

Mass Appraisal methods analyse properties grouped by similar market influences and characteristics rather than by performing individual appraisals which are not financially or logically possible. There are over 55,000 parcels in Mason County and the County has been divided into six sections. Each section has nearly equal population and each section is physically evaluated on a six-year cycle. (Appraisers will be looking at properties on Harstine Island and in the Pickering area in the coming weeks. )

Peterson also discussed the options a property owner has it they disagree with the valuation. One of those options are appealing to the Board of Equalization but you can also talk directly with the Assessor’s Office and, if those options fail, you can go to court.

There are also exemptions available including those for seniors and those with disabilities. More information is available on the Assessor’s website which is part of Mason County’s website:

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