Mason County Drinking Water Is Safe

Mason County Public health logoMason County Health officials, in response to recent postings on social media, are assuring residents that the County’s drinking water is safe. There are several stories in social media about an E. coli outbreak in Mason County and concerned citizens have been contacting the Health Department to find out what is going on. A news release from Mason County Public Health states: “This is not correct, there is not an E. coli outbreak in all of Mason County.”

The release goes on to explain there was a detection of E. coli in the Queen Ann Water Works LLC, a small 14 connection water system off North Shore in the Belfair area on September 16th. The system manager is working through the disinfection process and will be re-testing to make sure there is no longer E. coli in the water. Residents on that water system have been advised to boil ther water or use bottled water until further notice. Once water samples show the bacteria is gone, the status will be changed to “safe to use” on the Washington State Department of Health Recent Drinking Water Alerts webpage:

The news release also says the Queen Ann Water Works uses social media to notify their customers on what is happening with the system. The system posted photos of the water system being flushed to get any residual chlorine disinfectant out of the lines after the system was “shocked” to get rid of the E. coli. They also have photos of the new well house and updates as it was being constructed.

This situation was brought up during Tuesday’s Mason County Board of Health meeting: