Green Diamond Opens Land for Hunting

green diamondGreen Diamond Resource Company representatives today announced that many company gates are opening this week for hunting and other recreation. Gates will be opened throughout the week.

“We seek to allow a variety of recreational experiences,” said Patti Case, public affairs/regulatory manager for the company, ”including free access to many areas of our Washington working forest lands.” 

Green Diamond gates are typically orange with signs mounted next to them, indicating the type of access allowed in that area, explained Case.  Recreation Access Permit areas are posted with signage explaining entry is limited to those with permits.  In all other areas, Case explained, a sign with a red dot means no motor vehicles are allowed and a green dot indicates licensed, street-legal motor vehicles are allowed on roads only and only during daylight hours.

According to Case, an orange sign indicates harvest or other activity is taking place.  All recreation access to these areas is prohibited.  “An open gate may be a sign that forest management activity is taking place,” she said.  “Visitors should be cautious.”

“We ask that recreation seekers wear high visibility clothing for safety and that visitors exit Green Diamond’s forest land within one hour of sunset as indicated in the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s hunting regulations,” she said.

Some areas will remain closed for the near term, Case explained, including the 800 and 808 roads.  “We are in the process of securing the Vance Creek Bridge area to prevent trespassers in this very dangerous area,” Case said.  “As many people know,” she further explained, “our long term plan is to work with a public partner to create a destination facility at Vance Creek Bridge, but that is some distance off.  In the meantime, we must do everything possible to prevent people from trespassing.”  It is hoped the area will be open for modern rifle season in mid-October. In the meantime, walk-in hunting traffic is allowed.

The Cook Reload area of the tree farm will be closed until Sunday, September 25 to safely allow the Doo Wop Rally to take place. More information about the rally is available here:

Visitors to Green Diamond land are encouraged to report illegal activity.  “Anyone who witnesses illegal activity should call 911 immediately,” Case said. Those who learn about unlawful activities are also encouraged to call the Green Diamond Rewards Program at 360/427-4090, a secure message phone.  Callers are asked to leave method of reply so that leads may be followed up. A cash reward of up to $500 is offered for information leading to arrest and prosecution of criminal activity on Green Diamond land may be awarded.   Targeted activities include littering and garbage dumping, trespass, theft of timber and other forest products, and unlawful use of off-road vehicles.

The Green Diamond Resource Company property protection Rewards Program is not a product promotion and it is not an invitation, inducement, or permit granting access to Green Diamond property.  The decision to provide Green Diamond with information on potential criminal activity occurring on Green Diamond property is voluntary and does not create a contract between Green Diamond and the person providing information.  Green Diamond reserves full discretion to determine whether to reward a person who provides information on potential criminal activity and the amount of any such reward. Green Diamond cannot guarantee the anonymity of a person who discloses their identity when providing information on potential criminal activity because such information, including witness identity, may be referred to appropriate law enforcement officials for investigation and prosecution.  The following persons are not eligible for property protection rewards from Green Diamond: persons under the age of 18, employees of Green Diamond and their immediate family members, persons who trespass on Green Diamond property, and persons who aid, abet, assist, or participate in criminal activity on Green Diamond property.